Dogecoin with Elon Musk

Dogecoin with Elon Musk | Musk Twitter Takeover

Dogecoin with Elon Musk | Musk Twitter Takeover, So Elon Musk the Tesla billionaire has now gone ahead and fully acquired Twitter and naturally because of this the meme coins that are very closely associated with Elon Musk because of his outspoken support for them have also been performing incredibly well. But one I definitely have my eye on more than others and that is Dogecoin the question really begs itself can a Dogecoin go all the way up to one dollar and that is a fantastic question.

Doge Coin To 1$

Elon Musk is with Dogecoin, we can see following the news of Elon Musk acquiring Twitter Dogecoin has actually gone up substantially in fact. It had a single day where it went up about 30 percent that there was a decent sized sell-off but then once again in more recent history here in the last day we’re seeing yet again. Another amazing rally up 8.8 nearly 10 on the day now naturally any asset going up 10 is an absolutely amazing day, But it is very possible that Dogecoin is going to see a lot more positive price action following this Twitter acquisition news.

The reason for that is Elon Musk is going ahead and he’s going to be implementing crypto wallets and actual blockchain technology on Twitter itself. One thing that Elon Musk has said very consistently on many different interviews when he was asked about Dogecoin is he believes that Dogecoin is an amazing transactional currency because of the way that it’s set up he believes that. Dogecoin is the currency for the people and that’s not even an ironic statement if you actually look at the technology behind Dogecoin very efficient and its inflation mechanisms are really good for Mass adoption.

Dogecoin to Twiter

So the question is will Elon Musk go ahead and actually list Dogecoin on Twitter with this crypto integration and my answer to that is we believe that is actually incredibly likely and needless to say if Dogecoin sees a massive integration like this that is going to be absolutely massive and this is something that should not be taken lightly. Because we’ve already seen what Dogecoin is capable of doing during the previous all time highs here going upwards always like all the way up to nearly 60 cents here right in the event.

Future of Dogecoin

That Dogecoin goes ahead and sees a massive actual use case for this where people are going ahead and transacting it every single day. I think it’s likely that Dogecoin will actually surpass a dollar I mean we’re going to be seeing quite literally hundreds of billions of dollars potentially traded of Dogecoin every single day on just Twitter alone. As a platform assuming that they integrate the crypto Wallets on it and this could also account for many other cryptocurrencies as well like Bitcoin ethereum and many others that have gained.

The trust of the people so naturally this is a huge win for Dogecoin and the rest of crypto on top of that, But there is more now there was one key point that I intend nationally left out for you guys and it’s that musk is actually already floated plans to integrate Dogecoin directly into Twitter and this is more so than just a crypto wallet this is potentially a way to directly tip and interact with content creators through.

Dogecoin Integration

Dogecoin very similarly to what you see right now on Twitch with their bit system where you can go ahead and donate bits to live streamers to show your appreciation for their content.. This is potentially something that we could see for Dogecoin on Twitter now just think about that you see an amazing meme online or a really funny video what better way to tip that Creator than the send some Dogecoin it’s the perfect application. I cannot think of a single coin that would be better to do that with so naturally if that is implemented and we see people actually using Dogecoin every single day in that kind of sense we’re gonna see billions of dollars more flowing into the Dogecoin ecosystem.

If we go ahead and look back right here we can see Dogecoin at its all-time high. It had a volume the last 24 hour period of 16.5 billion dollars and that’s when it was at nearly 60 cents per coin. Right now as it stands we are currently at 11 billion 24-hour volume all we need is a lot of buy pressure in a short period of time which would have definitely happen.

If Elon Musk or Twitter made an announcement that they’re officially integrating Dogecoin directly into Twitter for any application along that wavelength we could probably see dogecoin’s volume go upwards of like 40 billion in that case scenario. I would not be surprised Bitcoin and ethereum do stuff like that every single day and we can see right here that yeah 31 billion dollars that’s been achieved before for a Dogecoin so this is obviously incredibly exciting.

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