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Ftx bankruptcy law firm | Sam Bankman-Fried

Ftx bankruptcy law firm, This is Sam bankman freed people call him SPF he’s the founder of FTX he also control the crypto hedge fund called Alameda research but that’s all gone now he wants you to think he’s a sweet guy he even brought in a famous YouTuber who called him the most generous man in the world yep that happened!

Bankruptcy Ftx And Law Firm

The truth is stand back with freed is a liar and a crook his personal crypto FTX token was basically a Ponzi scheme hidden below layers of moon bro jargon he even went on Bloomberg’s podcast and bragged about it yep that happened he used his Ponzi token as collateral to borrow billions of real dollars that he couldn’t pay back, He then used those real dollars to build an Empire out of dying companies like Voyager and block fight.

This led Jim Cramer to call him the new JP Morgan that’s weird it’s not like Jim Cramer to promote a billionaire con artist. SBF sold people cryptos like Bitcoin or so they thought what they really bought from SPF was an IOU but as long as everyone didn’t cash in their IOU at the same time.

This game worked until it didn’t this other a hole who hates SBF came along and engineered a bank run with some passive aggressive tweets it worked.

Law firm FTX

SPF didn’t have enough money to repay everyone at once and now his customers have lost everything, he’ll be happy to know that this is exactly how every Bank in the world operates so where did all the money go he misappropriated four billion dollars trying to save his failing hedge fund whoops. That’s a felony he spent 21 million dollars on Super Bowl commercials.

Five million for the big guy 40 million dollars in campaign donations. I wonder what he wanted in return and everyone who’s pointing at this story and saying this is exactly why we need to regulate crypto remember that SBF stole billions that’s already a crime.

He spent a lot of it on bribing politicians also a crime in order to create a crypto Monopoly for himself government regulations don’t protect the customers they protect the crooks that’s exactly what SPF was trying to do.

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