Is Dogecoin will will reach $1 | Elon Musk Doge

Is Dogecoin will will reach $1 | Elon Musk Doge seems like Dogecoin is back on the menu again after two years of virtually not going anywhere if you check out Dogecoin in the past few months of trading I mean ever since it hitting 70 cents it really just went downhill from there

Doge Nowadays

Is this dogecoin really reach $1 Really just stuck around five cents for an extremely long time but recently you got a massive increase in price if you check out this from five cents to 11 cents and this is kind of during a period of time where the NASDAQ was very very volatile okay the General stock market the general crypto markets didn’t really do so well but Dogecoin I mean we might even be seeing the 100x from this current price because let’s just see what musk is doing so the whole reason why we’re going up and the only reason why and it’s the biggest stimulating Catalyst I’ve ever seen because Elon Musk has always had like this thing for Dogecoin okay he owns it he tweets about it he messes with it okay but now with.

After Elon Musk Bought Twitter

Elon Musk buying Twitter okay musk owns the company now pretty much a massive 44billion dollar buyout and that means he is a sole you know I guess king of Twitter and because you know a lot of people say musk loves Dogecoin and even in previous tweets musk did say that he’s willing to have Dogecoin as like a type of transaction payment on Twitter okay maybe if you want to tip your favorite tweets or tip your favorite creators on Twitter instead of using cash or Bitcoin why don’t use Dogecoin okay you don’t even have to tip that much you can tip someone about 10 cents 20 cents Dogecoin it’s nice and fun so we could be seeing something like this and that is probably the only reason why that Dogecoin is going up there’s also a few other reasons we could be seeing higher utility value of Dogecoin with musk owning Tesla with a musk owning Twitter and especially with Twitter it’s like a huge full Buy out we could be seeing a huge pop out in price for Dogecoin even as I’m talking this morning prices have also went up another lay how high can it go we don’t really know but it will probably Spike up even harder so don’t sleep on the coin okay we’ve seen cryptocurrency tokens go up 100 and then a couple days later they go up like a thousand percent and maybe even more.

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