A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Build Wealth | 2023 Bull Run Best Invest Stock

Opportunity To Build Wealth | 2023 Bull Run Best Invest Stock

A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Build Wealth | 2023 Bull Run Best Invest Stock, Bull Run in 2023 the year current year starting in few days only two months left so now it’s time to look for stocks which can perform in the next year that is 2023 and that’s why I have found some stocks for you which in my opinion can perform very well in the financial year in calendar year 2023 so let’s look at the companies and let’s look at the reasons.

First one the mid-size cost efficient player in the cement space and I’m very bullish on the cement sector its cement plans are in devapur Telangana Karnataka and currently this company is operating in key markets of Maharashtra Telangana, Karnataka and also making inroads in newer markets of Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, and Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Goa India’s working population aged around 25 to 64 will overtake China between 20 30 to 2035 making it the world’s largest working age population so why it is important why why did I tell you this the reason is this will help accelerate urbanization thereby increasing demand for housing and related Services what will happen happen if this happens like increasing urbanization it will return which in turn will boost the cement demand and this company being a cement company we believe will be very positive for it now Rising incomes an affordable interest rate on housing loans are likely to support the demand for housing increasing Construction of rural housing fuels a significant portion of the growth in cement demand and the rise in Pharma income is likely to increase cement consumption as the government keeps pushing efforts towards increasing.

Farmers and Rural sector income owing to significant you know allocations in the union budget 22-23 for infrastructure and affordable housing programs the sector is expected to witness a rise in demand in the nearest to short term the government continues its support to ensure growth momentum by higher allocation to this sector and allocation of 48 000 crore to PM hours using with rupees 20 000 crew for PM ay Urban and twenty thousand group of emmi rule has been made in the Ireland budget 2223. The PM gati Shakti National master plan would provide integrated and seamless connectivity for the movement of people goods and services facilitating last mail connectivity of introduction and that is also positive for this company because for making that a lot of cement will be required the company grow its market share in the premium segment leveraging its best-in-class quality improved customer satisfaction and enhance service to channel Partners efforts to further consolidate the b2c channel supported by improved brand miscellaneous value added services to customers and greater Channel partner engagement resulted in higher relations driven further by higher premisation using a strategically structured brand architecture the products continue to stand out in the market and gain the trust of customers the company has invested in a solar power plant with amp solar systems private limited under captive scheme with the objective of substituting 50 percent of its power needs to the grinding unit at jalgaon.

Maharashtra with Renewable Power and the name of this company friends is Orient cement Limited so let’s look at some more details about you know this company oriented so during the year the company re-financed and reduced its outstanding debt which is very positive for the stock in the current times when the yields are increasing the company’s extraordinary And Timely efforts well supported by better sales organization with Superior optimization of product customer and Market mix help it to emerge stronger delivering significant Improvement in both profit and cash generation during the year key strength of this company which are those those are one of the it is one of the lowest cost producer of cement in India it is it has rubber sales and distribution Network strengthening financial position and experienced management bandwidth and strong Regional presence are the key strength of this company backed by a higher infrastrent by the government focus on affordable and low cost housing and encouraging real estate demand and pre-election spending I believe the same on demand is likely to remain resilient going ahead the company’s premium cement portfolio is growing well and any attempt to increase trade sales would auger well from the realization perspective furthermore the leveraging the balance sheet has also strengthened the company’s overall Financial standing the stock is currently trading at 6X and 5x fi 23 earning and at my 24 earnings Evie ebitda and Eve return of 45 and 47 for fi 23 earning an fi 24 for info earning which is very attractive and these are the reasons why you know I like this company so now let’s look at the chart of the stock now if you look at the chart there are various stories in the stock where we can you see example if you look at August last year.

Economy by 2025 and to continue growing at an escalated tragedy until 2030 it is estimated that the government would need to spend 4.5 trillion dollars on infrastructure and a huge outlay to us infrastructure is expected to provide healthy growth opportunities for companies in this space and overall this is a reason why I believe this company can be a great pick from the large cap space for 2023. what is the name the name of this company is Larsen & Toubro.

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