Start SIP of ₹2500 at the age of 25

Start SIP of ₹2500 at the age of 25, You will have around 47.5 lakhs in your account


Start SIP of ₹2500 at the age of 25, You will have around 47.5 lakhs in your account, Investment Tips: Most of the youth start earning at the age of 22-25 years. When earning starts, a big question comes in their mind that when to start investing and how much money is required to be deposited. Investment discussion is incomplete without timing. How early you start investing is more important than how much you invest. Starting investing only 5 years ago, your returns are close to double. Responsibilities are also less in the beginning of career. In such a situation, if investment is started in time, then tomorrow will shine like the sun. You will not even know and you will become a millionaire in no time.

Will get 40 lakhs on SIP of Rs 2500

SIP is the best way for long term investment. In the long term, it gives you the benefit of compounding, as well as reduces the risk. Let the age of “A” be 25 years. Depositing Rs 2500 every month is not a big deal. A return of 12% per annum is also possible in mutual funds. According to SIP Calculator, if “A” does SIP of Rs.2500 every month for the next 25 years, the net return will be Rs.47.5 lakhs. During this, the total amount of investment will be only 7.5 lakh rupees, on which a return of about 40 lakh will be received.

5 years more investment doubles the return

How important time duration is for investment can be gauged from the fact that if “A” invests for 30 years, his net return will be Rs.88.24 lakhs. During 30 years, he will deposit a total of Rs 9 lakh, on which he will get a return of 79.2 lakh. It is clearly understood from this calculation that by increasing the time duration to just 5 years, the returns almost double.

What is the minimum amount required to be saved?

Now the question arises that how much you should invest. In the world of financial management, it has been decided on the basis of 50/30/20 rule. According to financial experts, limit all your essential expenses to 50% of your income. Spend 30 per cent on things other than necessities. This includes expenses like foreign trip, buying a car. Save at least 20 percent in any case. However, there should be more focus on savings.

Those earning 30 thousand can do SIP of 2500

If you earn 30 thousand rupees every month, then definitely save at least 6000 rupees and invest in different places. In this, if you do an SIP of Rs 2500 in a mutual fund, then at the age of 50 you will get Rs 47 lakh and at the age of 55 you will get around Rs 89 lakh.

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