Stock Market Update News May 22 2022

1,Superb recovery for markets after a huge crash yesterday

Stock Market Update News May 22 2022 are Nifty and sensex rallied by almost three percent today it was supported by positive global queues as well last three times when nifty has reached around fifteen thousand eight hundred mark it has rallied to cross sixteen thousand the next day itself so positive close for our markets this week because the opening was quite dull and compared to that level we are higher today.

2,Amazon flipkart in discussion to wise taken metropolis healthcare

One of the leading diagnostics companies in india metropolis healthcare is looking to raise around 2 300 crores from strategic investors for minority stake amazon and flipkart are potential investors in this tax sale by the company it plans to expand its network with the money raised metropolis along with dr lalpat labs are the leaders in the diagnostic sector in india

3, Ashok land quarterly results total sales 8142crores last time 2021 – 2022

9927 crores 22 percent rise net profit 353 crores has become 140 crores 60 percent lower the shares went up by around 6 percent today due to the positive overall markets plus one more information is last three quarters the company did not earn a profit it was making a loss this time it is reported a profit

RBI board approves transfer of rupees 30 307crores as dividend to government for 2021-22

Semiconductor chip crisis is likely to become better this year as per the marathi suzuki chairman and uber camps has hiked its fare by 10 to 15 percent to provide more income for drivers and also to cover the cost of the rise in petrol and diesel prices now moving on to today’s stock market update 50 went up by 457 points today and closed at 16 two point 266 nine percent higher sensex went up by thousand five thirty four points and closed at fifty four thousand three twenty six point number two today’s top nifty fifty gainers are losers top gamers dr reddy’s lab eight point 8.13 higher reliance industries 5.83 higher jsw steel 5.15 high and tata motors 4.85 percent up top losers 3 cements 0.97 down and upl zero point seven one percent point.

Today’s top nifty next fifty gainers and losers top gainers

Number three today’s top nifty next fifty gainers and losers top gainers bosch five point eight three percent up by five point four three percent of zaider’s life sciences 5.34 percent up and adani enterprises 4.96% up top losers goes rich consumer four point six eight percent down adani green energy one point eight nine percent down pi industries one point eight one percent down and land pharma one point zero nine percent down point number four advanced decline ratio for nsc advances 1621 stocks and falling stocks today only 318 so 84 percent up and 16 down

  • Five yesterday’s fi and dii investment data foreign institution investors sold shares worth 4 900 crores yesterday domestic institution investors bought shares for 326 crores

Point number six today’s gold and silver price gold price 4670 per gram silver65.9 per gram point number seven today’s rupee value one us dollar rupees 77.55 as of now and one euro eighty two point zero six rupees point number eight stocks near 52 week high adani power 52 week high and the closing price both are 312 itc 52-week high 282 closing price 280. point number nine stocks near 52-week low honeywell automation 52-week low 31 156 closing price 31 471 container corporation of india 554 52-week low closing price 573 supreme industries 1791 52-week low closing thousand eight hundred three and lic reached its lowest today 52-week low 825 closing price 826.

Point number 10 global queues today hong kong markets 2.96 percent up japan one point two seven percent up germany one point nine percent up france one point one seven percent up uk one point eighty five percent up and us markets yesterday closed marginally lower zero 0.26 percent down so this was today’s breaking news.

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