You can travel by train with a waiting list ticket

You can travel by train with a waiting list ticket in India

You can travel by train with a waiting list ticket in India, It is very difficult to get a seat on busy routes even if you book tickets in advance. Needless to say, during festive seasons. Tatkal tickets are the last resort at such times. If you still do not get the ticket, please change the journey to another day or choose another route.

Railways is preparing an opportunity for a person who needs to travel by train to travel using the waiting list ticket in hand even if he does not have a confirmed ticket. This article explains how.

How to travel with waiting list tickets

As per the railway rules, those who have booked their tickets in advance but do not get the confirmed tickets can travel using the tickets in the waiting list. This facility is available only if the tickets taken from the railway counter are in the waiting list. Online tickets in waiting list will not be allowed to travel. If the tickets purchased online are not confirmed till the chart is prepared, the ticket amount is automatically refunded to the online ticket holders.

One has to visit TTE with waiting list ticket taken from the counter. After showing the ticket and preparing the chart the ticket checker can be asked to check if any seat is vacant. If the seat is vacant then TTE will allocate it.

The ticket examiner cannot stop the passenger from traveling if the passenger has a waiting list ticket taken from Kantaur, but the passenger will not get a seat if there is no extra seat left in the train. Special carriages during festive seasons can also be traveled in this way.

Get a refund

If you do not travel due to non-confirmation, the ticket amount will be refunded. For tickets purchased online through IRCTC, the amount will go directly to the bank account. You will get the amount charged at the time of ticket booking. Transaction charges are non-refundable. Tickets taken from the counter can be refunded through the counter itself.

You can travel by train with a waiting list ticket;  You should know these things

Tatkal ticket

Tatkal facility can be used for those who cannot get tickets for urgent journeys. Tatkal will be useful for those who do not get tickets in general quota. Certain percentage of tickets will be reserved in each train for tatkal tickets. Tatkal tickets are allotted based on the demand of previous years. Tatkal tickets can be booked the day before the chart is prepared. The ticket should be booked on the day before the date of departure of the train from the starting point.

For example a person who wants to travel from Vadakara to Kollam on Malabar Express on 4th should try for Tatkal ticket on 3rd. Tatkal ticket booking time varies depending on the class of ticket. Tatkal booking of sleeper class tickets starts from 11 am onwards. Above this Tatkal booking for 3AC, 2AC and 1AC classes will also start at 10 am.

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